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  • Do you need help to make up a business plan?

    A professional business plan includes:

    An Executive Summary for your Consultancy Business setting out:-
    * Objectives
    * Mission
    * Keys to Success

    The start up costs you can expect for your business.
    Examples of Products you may sell and services you might provide in your business.

    Market Analysis including:-
    * What are the key issues affecting the market?
    * Competition and Buying Patterns - Who will you be competing against?
    * Who are your customers likely to be?

    Strategy and Implementation Summary for your business.

    Promotion of your business; including:-
    * Your Marketing Strategy
    * Your Pricing Strategy
    * Your Promotion Strategy
    * Your Distribution Strategy

    Management Summary for your business
    * Are you suited to running your business?

    Your Strategic Plan including:-
    * Setting out your SWOT analysis
    * Financial Highlights
    * Strategy Diary and timings

    Visit the largest business plan database in the world. OVER 2500 business plans in more industries than any other company, and at rates you will not believe!

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