Online industrial marketing

2010. Everybody goes online. Every company goes online. It doesn’t matter that they work in business to business or business to consumer fields, online presence is crucial for almost every company.

This site is about industrial marketing or business to business marketing in the online. Of course, no one can live (yet) only on the Internet. Every company must find the right balance and harmony in on- and offline  marketing and management.

People who started with the  “classical marketing” – (meaning offline – ATL marketing for consumer goods) adapts slowly to the new online world, especially when we talk about industrial or b2b marketing.

Many of them thinks that online marketing is about to have a nice looking website and maybe sending sometimes an e-mail offer.  Maybe this was true in the 90′ , but now things have gone far from that level. Now SEO, CPC, online banner, affiliate sites, page ranking, link exchange, Google analytics, Google Ad-Sense, Ad-Words, referral programs, online surveys  are just the basic stuff. All of it and other methods must be integrated in the company’s strategic marketing plan.

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